Case study: Wheeler/Brand

After a long career building real estate organizations at Wells Real Estate Funds, Scott Meadows became president of Wheeler/Brand Management Company in late 2013. The company has a long and proud history as a regional service provider in the Southeast, and it was in the midst of transition, including the retirement of a longtime partner and acquisition by a new investor.

Scott wanted to capitalize on the best of what the firm already offers, while at the same time implementing a growth strategy that took advantage of his contacts and experience with institutional real estate investors and asset managers. Refreshing the company’s branding was a key part of the strategy. “We wanted to define who we are and where we are going,” explains Scott. “Our story needed to match the skills and expertise we had been building.”

In partnership with BouncePath Marketing, Wheeler/Brand had a strong direction on visuals. Together, they turned to Koine Communications to refine and refresh the content. “The first step was nailing down our ‘Key Messages,’ something our people could get on board with and speak from with ease,” Scott says. “We needed something we could all hang our hats on.”

Wheeler/Brand brochure cover

Wheeler/Brand brochure

A critical feature of Wheeler/Brand’s value proposition is that it has enough critical mass to offer a full range of services to a broad spectrum of clients. At the same time, its clients agree that it maintains the feel of a nimble, more accessible firm. Thus, “Institutional quality / Boutique feel” became the basis for a series of other juxtaposed statements that communicate the firm’s sweet spot. For example:

  • Diverse portfolio [servicing a variety of property types] / Uniform commitment [to achieving success for clients]
  • Broad perspective [due to knowledge of the strategic fit of various assets and service lines] / Singular focus [on creating value through integrated solutions]
  • Outstanding individuals [each team member is talented, skilled and experienced] / Exceptional team [the individuals combine to deliver a unique experience]

This new approach highlights Wheeler/Brand’s true differentiation, which the firm backs up with its performance. Clients have responded favorably. As Scott relates, “We have used the new brochure extensively, and the statements make great talking points that resonate in the marketplace. We’re excited about having a memorable message they can connect to.” By putting its distinctives into clear, precise language, Wheeler/Brand now has the marketing message and collateral to support its growth strategy.

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