“Koine” (pronounced “coin, eh?”) comes from the Greek language and means “common.”  The books of the Christian New Testament were written in Koine Greek. In this faith tradition, it is significant that the story of the Creator’s redemptive plan was written not in the language of political leaders or academic elites, but in the vernacular—the common language. Thus, this great story could be easily understood by the largest possible audience.

Being “common” does not make something crude or unsophisticated. On the contrary, it is common language—not technical jargon or the six-syllable word—that most effectively communicates ideas, from the simplest to the most complex.

The mission of Koine Communications is twofold. First, we analyze business problems, interpret their implications and present solutions with clarity. Then, we help you present your unique, nuanced message to the marketplace with precision and accessibility.